Car thefts are on the rise. Here’s how you can secure your vehicle.

Car thefts are on the rise. Here’s how you can secure your vehicle.

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Car thefts are a growing problem across the country. According to recent reports, car thefts have been on the rise in the last few years. While the reasons for the increase are not entirely clear, it’s evident that car theft is a serious issue that all car owners should be aware of.

In this article, we’ll explore the potential reasons for the increase in car thefts, what cars thieves are targeting, and offer tips to help prevent car theft. Additionally, we’ll discuss the benefits of using LoJack, a popular, effective anti-theft system for vehicles.

Theft Rates Are Climbing

Statistics show that car theft rates have been increasing in recent years. According to a recent analysis by the National Crime Information Center (NICB) using data, there was a 7% increase in vehicle thefts last year, totaling 1,001,967 cases. This marks the highest level of thefts reported since 2008 when the number of cases was 1.05 million.

In terms of state rankings, California had the highest number of car thefts in 2022 with 202,658 incidents, followed by Texas with just over 100,000. However, the study found that Illinois experienced the highest percentage increase from the previous year at 35%, followed by Washington at 31% and New York at 23%.

This increase is particularly significant given that car theft rates had been steadily declining for several years before this recent uptick. The increase in theft rates has left many car owners wondering how they can best protect their vehicles.

What Cars Do Thieves Target?

While any car can be a target for theft, some cars are more likely to be stolen than others. According to a recent report, the most commonly stolen vehicles include Kia, Hyundai, and Infiniti. These cars are popular targets because they may be easier to steal and have valuable parts that can be sold on the black market.

The value of these cars’ parts is partially due to how common these vehicles are. Because so many people have Kias, Hyundais, and Infinities, there’s an intense demand for their components. So even if a thief isn’t able to sell the entire car, they can fence its parts and still nab a quick profit.

Tips to Prevent Theft

By taking the following steps, you can simultaneously reduce the risk of having your car stolen and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Park in a Well-lit Area

One of the most effective ways to prevent theft is to park in a well-lit area, preferably with a security camera. Car thieves are more likely to target cars parked in dark, secluded areas where they are less likely to be seen by witnesses or captured on camera. A well-lit area increases visibility, making it harder for thieves to approach and tamper with the vehicle undetected.

Never Leave Your Car Running or Your Keys Inside

Leaving the keys in the car or the engine running while unattended is an open invitation for thieves to take your vehicle. In fact, this is why many cars get targeted by opportunistic criminals. Thieves can easily break into the car and drive off, leaving the owner with a stolen car and a headache. So even if you’re only going to be gone for a minute or two, it’s important to take your keys with you and turn off the engine.

It’s also important to note that leaving the keys in the car or the engine running can have legal consequences. In some states, it’s illegal to leave your car running while unattended, and you could be fined if caught doing so. Additionally, if your car is stolen because you left the keys in it, your insurance company may not cover the theft, leaving you to foot the bill for a new car.

Use Anti-theft Devices

Car owners can greatly reduce the likelihood of their car being stolen by using anti-theft devices. Steering wheel locks, also known as “Club” locks, are a popular option. These locks attach to the steering wheel and prevent it from turning, making it difficult for a thief to steer the car.

Car alarms are also effective in deterring thieves. They can be set to go off if anyone tries to open the car door, break a window, or tamper with the ignition. Some alarms also have tracking capabilities, allowing law enforcement to locate the stolen car more easily.

Always Double-check Your Surroundings

Car owners should always be vigilant and aware of their surroundings when parking their car, especially in areas that are known for high rates of theft. Before leaving the car, it’s important to double-check that all doors are locked, the windows are rolled up, and any valuables are out of sight.

How LoJack Can Help

LoJack is an anti-theft system that uses GPS tracking technology to locate stolen vehicles. Once a car is reported stolen, the LoJack system is activated, and the vehicle’s location is tracked by law enforcement. This system has a proven track record of recovering stolen vehicles, with a 98% recovery rate for vehicles equipped with LoJack.

You Can Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Car theft is a growing problem that can be prevented by taking some key precautions. In this way, you can reduce the risk of car theft and protect their investment. In addition to these precautions, you may also consider using an anti-theft system like LoJack, which can provide added security and peace of mind.

With Solera’s LoJack solution, you get the ability to recover a stolen vehicle and a host of other features, such as battery life tracking, trip history, and more. Learn more by connecting with Solera today.